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Ultracompact shuttle warehouse for pallets with instant access to any

storage place

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Ultracompact design

Volume’s warehouses have no aisles between the pallet rows and therefore hav...


All parameters of the Volume warehouses are scalable. The warehouse size can...

Energy efficiency

All drives, lifts, shuttles and docking stations have an energy recuperation...

High reliability

Intelligent anti-collision sensors of shuttles and docking stations monitor ...

Access to any cell at any time

Though there are no gangways, the Volume warehouses - unlike the channel war...

High throughput

By the standard layout with one shuttle per level a throughput of over 100 u...

Service friendly

Though there are no gangways between the rows, all cells are accessible for ...


The storage systems can be configured and adapted to the size and shape of y...


With its new storage system, Volume Lagersysteme GmbH

has developed a solution that enables compact storage of

even large and heavy storage units in direct individual

access through a wealth of innovations.

Prof. Dr. Thorsten Schmidt, TU Dresden

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